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Education Preparation Regulations

The Division of Educator Preparation is governed by the following regulations:

16 KAR 1:010 Standards for Certified School Personnel
16 KAR 5:010 Standards for Accreditation of Teacher Education Units and Program Approval
16 KAR 5:020 Standards for Admission to Teacher Education
16 KAR 5:030 Proficiency Evaluation
16 KAR 5:040 Admission, Placement, and Supervision in Student Teaching
16 KAR 5:050 Master of Arts in Teaching
16 KAR 5:060 Literacy program requirements for middle school, high school, grades 5-12, and grades P-12 certification programs.
16 KAR 9:050 Alternative training program eligibility requirements for middle school and secondary school teachers
16 KAR 9:060 The alternative training program for preparation of candidates for initial teacher certification
16 KAR 9:070 Kentucky Primary Alternative Certification Program
16 KAR 9:080 University Based Alternative Certification Program
16 KAR 9:090 University Based Alternative Certification Program for Teachers of World languages

The Legislative Research Commission maintains the official files on all Kentucky Administrative Regulations. It is possible that amendments may be in process and are so noted on the LRC webpage. To view changes in progress and/or current TItle 16 Kentucky Administrative Regulations, please click here.

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