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Educator Preparation Standing Committees

The Division of Educator Preparation utilizes the expertise of several standing committees, appointed by the Education Professional Standards Board, to help with the approval and evaluation of preparation programs for teachers and other professional school personnel. Below are these standing committees and their specific charge:

Accreditation Audit Committee
Following an on-site accreditation visit, the Accreditation Audit Committee (AAC) reviews the Board of Examiners (BOE) report, institutional response (Rejoinder) to the BOE report, and annual data reports. The committee then makes recommendations regarding accreditation status of the institutional unit for educator preparation as well as for approval of the individual programs of preparation to the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB). All members of the AAC have completed the Board of Examiners training on the NCATE standards, policies, and procedures. The AAC is also responsible for completing the biennial review of each institution's annual report.

Board of Examiners
Members of the Board of Examiners (BOE) conduct the reviews of the professional education unit at colleges and universities. Membership comprises educator preparation institutions, both public and independent, statewide education organizations, educators, and state and local policymaker groups. All members are required to complete BOE training on the NCATE standards, policies, and procedures.

Content Area Program Review Committees
With the adoption of performance-based accreditation standards and a new streamlined licensing system, Program Review Committees were created to provide content area expertise to both EBSB staff and the Reading Committee. These committees are charged with reviewing educator preparation programs looking closely at content, faculty expertise, and conceptual framework articulation. All Content Area Program Review Committees represent several statewide specialty organizations and institutions offering educator preparation programs.

Continuous Assessment Review Committee (CARC)
This committee is charged to review the Continuous Assessment Plans submitted with the institutions' program review documents. CARC's comments from the review are incorporated into the feedback institutions receive from the Reading Committee concerning their programs. CARC provides technical assistance and facilitates communication about continuous assessment. The committee is composed of assessment experts representing both public and independent institutions of higher education, public school teachers, and a representative from the Kentucky Department of Education.

Reading Committee
This committee is charged with conducting a preliminary review of pre-accreditation materials and programs from educator preparation institutions that must conform with the corresponding standards and state guidelines. The committee meets in the spring and fall semesters of each year. All members of the Reading Committee have completed the Board of Examiners training on the NCATE standards, policies, and procedures.

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