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State-only accredited institutions complete the Annual State-Only Institutional Data Report in a format adapted from the PEDS Data System (AACTE/NCATE) for submission to the EPSB, Division of Educator Preparation.

This report is to be completed in a Microsoft Excel workbook in spreadsheet format. The state reporting format has been developed to collect and disaggregate institutional data and to complete the Kentucky Educator Preparation Program (KEPP) Report Card.

The Annual State Only Institutional Data Report form consists of parts A, B, and C. Part A is the Report of Institutional, Unit, Contact, and Program Data; Part B is the Report of Enrollment, Program Completers, Faculty and Fiscal Data; and Part C is the response to the NCATE Standards and Areas of Improvement.

To receive a reporting format, state-only accredited Institutions, which do not submit PEDS Reports to AACTE or NCATE, should contact the Division of Educator Preparation to receive the reporting form for their individual institutions.

General instructions for Parts A and B and information regarding Part C can be found clicking the following link: Annual State-Only Instructions

Note: Parts A, B, and C are to be submitted to the EPSB by January 15, 2014.

For questions please do not hesitate to call Allison Bell at 502-564-4606 or you may reach her by email at: