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Rank Change for salary purposes:
Rank I Options
  • Thirty (30) semester hours of approved graduate credit in addition to Rank II;
  • Sixty (60) semester hours of approved graduate credit including a master's degree;
  • National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification; or the Kentucky Continuing Education Option
Rank II Options
  • Master's degree to: enhance the professional competency of the initial teaching certification; add a certification area not covered by the initial certificate; or advance professionally to a higher position;
  • A thirty two (32) semester-hour non-degree Education Planned Fifth-Year Program (graduate level); or the Kentucky Continuing Education Option
Rank III
  • Bachelor's degree leading to a provisional teaching certificate
Candidates will need the following:
  • A completed CA-1 application form
  • Make the appropriate payment through ePay online payment service for certification fees. Please note that any other forms of payment are not accepted and will be returned to the applicant.
  • OFFICIAL college transcripts of the rank change, and
  • Section 5 of the CA-1 must be signed off by the certification officer at the institution where you completed the rank change
  • Return the above to the following address:

Division of Certification
Education Professional Standards Board

100 Airport Road, 3rd Floor
Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

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